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Using state of the art cameras, scrims and lighting technology our film productions have some of the best screen resolutions and sequences optimized for immersive experience. We are so proud of the team of professionals we have that we are confident our productions will inspire a new world of music and interest in the movie industry and entertainment.
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We are constantly searching and looking out for new projects, concepts and ideas for movies, TV, Theater and Stage.  If your an inspiring Director, Scriptwriter, Producer or just someone who has a story to tell, then give us a call and let us know about it.  You never know - your idea or script or movie concept can be the next big BLOCKBUSTER!  All you need is passion, dedication, commitment and someone who believes in what you believe in.  Here at Iconic Performances, we have the passion, the dedication, commitment and experience to bring your idea to life.

As a professional production and event performance company we not only have the equipment, gear and experienced professionals in the industry, we all have a massive amount of followers and industry experts who we can market your production and ideas to the 10's of thousands. We are the go to guys for smaller based companies like yourself who was high end quality outcomes and expertise. We have worked on small budget and larger based productions and event performances and have produced some of the best shows, screen and stage theatre experiences in Australia, London and the USA. Our Film and Stage Crew are carefully selected through our very intense hiring policy and we guarantee our work from start to finish until you are satisfied.

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As you can see, we work with a diverse range of clientele and have accomplished quiet high standards.

From Art - Camera - Wardrobe/Costume - Editing Jobs - Grip - Lighting - Production Crew - Sound/Music - Stage Hands other Film and Stage crew to equipment, gear and expertise, you will not go wrong by calling or enquiring about our services.

We are here to help produce, provide, market and increase productivity to small and large companies and individuals within the entire film, stage and entertainment industry.

Give our event management team a call on 1300 860 074 (Australia Wide) to see how we can turn your idea, gig, event and/or job the WOW it requires and should have. Our team are available 24 hours 7 days a week.

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DrumStory is the first 5D Live Interactive Cinematic Theatre Show in the World. Read More >>>
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It is a story of what was, what is and what could be real, as it channels the energy of the drum into the story of man through our senses in an epic 5D experience. ... of power-packed beats and rhythmic patterns told through the universal language of the drum and the rhythm of the heartbeat, in a vibrant, never seen before exciting cinematic and theatrical format. Two sides battle for dominance in a choreographed melee. Revolution erupts and a full-scale war begins, culminating in a cataclysmic end to the world as we know it. There is no beat, and no rhythm, but through the eyes of the sound of innocence a new generation of rhythm evolves. Amongst the wasteland, the sound of innocence can be heard, quietly at first, as the beat is reborn, fighting for every breath against the desolate norm. A new war emerges, which can only be saved by the voice of innocence who constructs a crude assortment of debris and rubbish to express his (and humanity’s) emotions through the beat of a drum. The most riveting experience you will have. Trademarked as the 5D experience, you can interact with the characters, environment and scenes, as DrumStory puts you right in the heart of the actual moment. It revolutionizes the 2D screen of cinema into a REAL-LIFE, interactive, live theatrical production.

Status In Pre-production
Genre Action, Drama, Thriller, Horror
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Through the Eyes of a Child

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There is this thing that happens when we lay down and close our eyes, but don't fall asleep. We still can see the world around us. Our memories may be suppressed, but our eyes never lie! Read More >>>
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Based on actual events, "Through the Eyes of a Child" is a story of everyone and every emotion we feel.  As Matthew grows up he sees life differently to those around him.  His parents, teachers, siblings, and most adults find his behaviour increasingly alarming as Matthew witnesses events that alter his perception.  Unsure of what to do Matthew finds refuge in the most frightening of all places.

Status In Concept
Genre Drama, Thriller
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